What Is Shop Small Stratford Saturday?

Stratford is getting ready for it's biggest and most impressive Shop Small Event on 

Saturday, Nov 30th, 2019.  

If you're a small business in Stratford, CT,  you need to be a part of this it!

Shop Small Stratford Saturday


Make Sure Your Stratford Business Gets Noticed 

This NO-COST event is available to all independent businesses and is co-sponsored by American Express.


· Small Business Saturday is an annual event on the Saturday after Thanksgiving . In 2017, 108 million consumers reported shopping or dining at local independently-owned businesses on Shop Small Saturday - roughly 43% of Americans 

· Shop Small Stratford is aimed at capitalizing on the national Small Business Saturday event with specific local marketing and strong participation from all Stratford based small businesses.

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Tips from the Event Organizer


This is my fourth year as organizer for this event in the town of Stratford and as always, my mission is to encourage everyone to support small business everywhere - and in particular, in Stratford, Connecticut.

Small Business Saturday is only as valuable as the time and effort a business puts into it.  We have measured the success in past years and the data clearly shows that it’s not enough to sign up and hope for the best. You have to market your business and your offer - and you need to build enthusiasm both within the community as well as with your staff.  Shoppers, diners and patrons would prefer to support small business in their community - particularly when they are reminded to do so -and- when they're reminded of the many ways small businesses return value to the community.

This event is your opportunity to build and reinforce your brand at a time when consumers are spending for the holidays - a loyalty that can be leveraged throughout the coming year. 

One of the best pieces of advice I can give any business is to make your Shop Small Stratford special offer one that is "loss leader” - offer something at a price below its market cost to stimulate other sales of more profitable goods or services.  By offering a "loss leader", you will stand out from everyone else.

I am happy to provide offer suggestions to any Stratford for this event so that each business will get noticed!  There is no charge for this - this is a volunteer effort on my part because I believe in Stratford as a prime location for small business.

Email me at info@shopsmallstratford.com

- Howard Aspinwall